the simple way to keep track of your critical engineering and design information

Track everything you want

Easily create Items of any kind -- you specify the types.
Parts, Documents, Code Libraries, Projects, Tasks, Change Notices, Defective Materials, Customer Complaints -- or whatever else you need. If you have it you can track it.

...and see how things connect

Build connections between things to see how they’re related, and quickly move from one to the other

Store your data wherever you want and however you need

Parts Dashboard enables you to store your mission-critical data in the cloud using our industry-standard security, or host it yourself behind your own firewall.

Use any of the leading online data storage providers like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft's OneDrive and Azure, Amazon AWS, or Owncloud. Or put the data on your own servers and manage it to your specific compliance needs.

See Parts Dashboard in action

Watch as a designer uses Parts Dashboard to find the engineering data for a part, make a change to it in its native authoring environment, and then easily store the new revision information for release.

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Why spend thousands per user on an overly-complex PLM or PDM system?

You manage the files, Parts Dashboard provides the lists that tie them all together.

File access is still how you like it, through whatever application you normally use to interact with your files.

No complex portal to have to work through.

Files are not hidden away or inaccessibly vaulted – they’re right there in plain sight in your usual folder structure.

Free for individual users and $10 per user per month to collaborate and share infomation

Now. Forever.