We are a team of engineers driven to help your business be the best that it can be.

Toby Dallas

Founder & CEO


Toby is a mechanical engineer who’s spent two decades designing new products for manufacturers in industries from building hardware to medical devices. This has mostly been working for small to mid-sized companies, exactly those companies who we’re targeting with our Parts Dashboard software platform.

Every company where he’s worked has struggled to keep engineering design information stored in a way that made it easy to find, and to communicate it with people both inside and outside of the organization. He had searched for simple data management systems to help with this but would always come up empty. There just wasn’t anything available that was suitable for smaller businesses – so he made his own.

Four times over he’s built solutions in-house to manage and share engineering data, and now has decided to bring that knowledge to the small-business marketplace. His passion is solving problems, and by helping smaller engineering and manufacturing companies bring their products to market faster and cheaper he’s happy.

Jack Leach

VP Engineering

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Jack D. Leach is the founder and CEO of Dymeng Services, a NYC based software development company working with Line of Business and B2B SaaS solutions primarily using Microsoft technologies. Jack routinely works with Microsoft Access, SQL Server and ASP.NET MVC delivering software solutions, utilizing both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services as typical infrastructures.

Jack began programming more than fifteen years ago when he found MS Access as a tool that he could leverage for the manufacturing company he was managing at the time. Since then, he has been fully immersed and ever expanding his skills in database and software development and continues to participate in the forums and communities in which he grew. Passionate about both business management and software development, he left the manufacturing industry four years ago to establish his own software development company.

A five-year consecutive awardee of the Access MVP award, Jack has also written numerous technical articles and whitepapers, and has written as a technical contributor for the Wrox Professional Access 2013 Programming book with fellow Access MVPs. He also harbors a deep love of aviation and obtained his pilot license in 2011.


Ralph is an innovative business-focused technology leader with over 20 years of IT management experience in both management consulting and corporate environments.

He started his career working for leading IT consulting firms Accenture and Capgemini, developing IT strategies and implementing IT solutions for global corporations, across multiple industries including biotech, manufacturing and retail. Ralph then joined Amgen’s IT organization to help them develop IT solutions to support their growing global business.

In recent years, Ralph’s focus has been on enterprise mobility solutions and emerging digital technologies, including artificial intelligence and robotic process automation.

Ralph also recently invented an outdoor product, which fulfilled his passion to invent and bring a physical product to market and lead the entire process of product innovation, manufacturing and sales. This experience has helped Ralph truly understand and appreciate the unique technology needs of small growth companies compared to the large global players.

Scott Laraby


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Scott is a marketing professional with a wide range of experiences, from medical devices, to commercial housing, to private equity-backed manufacturing companies.

Scott’s primary expertise is in the digital marketing arena where he specializes in revitalizing marketing operations to bring in fresh, modern approaches to lead-gen and outreach.

He’s held VP-level positions and is adept at managing teams of marketing professionals to drive the greatest possible customer uptake.

Scott has been an advisor to Parts Dashboard since 2015 and is the brains behind our engagement process.

Scott Wollaston


Scott Wollaston headshot
Scott Wollaston on LinkedIn

Over the past twenty years, Scott has honed his ability to scale early stage companies through his experience in investment banking, financial operations, and CFO roles.

Scott has worked with early stage and mid-cap companies that have raised money from seed through IPO and held senior roles supporting the finance and accounting functions, sales ops, tactical M&A and merger integration, and strategy.

As a leader, Scott focuses on mentoring and ownership so that the company benefits from proactive, thinking individuals who are empowered to scale an entrepreneurial business.