Single Site Version No Longer Offered

As of today we have withdrawn our free, single site, locally installed version of the Parts Dashboard software.

This is intended to provide more benefits to trial users.

There are several reasons why we have done this:

  • The free version is a single-site install and does not allow for multiple users to connect to shared data.
  • There are more and more functions that we’re adding that rely on server-side processing. These functions are included in our cloud product, but the local install nature of the free version prevents using these, and so the experience was becoming less useful over time.
  • We want to make sure there’s no confusion between versions and capabilities.
  • We want our users to experience the full benefits of Parts Dashboard, and that includes access to our new web-based version, which isn’t compatible with the local-install version.

If you’d like to try out Parts Dashboard we always give a one month free trial. Contact us for a demo and free trial.