Version 2.2 Release Notes

Version 2.2 is now available as general release for the free version or individually packaged for subscription customers.

Major things:

  • New: Companies and People in main list
  • Companies and People item types are now incorporated into the main items list. This means they are able to be connected into a BOM / tree in the same way as all other ‘regular’ item types, and that they also get access to the same tabs and features as ‘regular’ item types like file storage, comments, etc.

  • New: Bulk edit items screen
  • Created a new screen with a tabular layout where you can directly edit multiple items, including their item type. This is available to all users as read-only but only Admins can edit items in this screen.

  • New: Inventory tracking can be turned off for individual items
  • Turn on or off the inventory tracking of individual items. The default value is set in the item class, and can be changed in the item itself. Turning off tracking means no transactions are created for the item or class of items, which is useful if there are certain things that you do not want to have cluttering up inventory reporting and accounting.

  • New: Batch Inventory Adjustment
  • Inventory now has a Batch Inventory Adjustment that lists all items in inventory, their quantities (on order, available, and total), and a field to input the new total available. The application will make the adjustment to the new quantity and make the appropriate inventory transaction(s).

  • New: Pick List
  • Added a pick list function so that you can determine the quantities of child items needed to build a parent item.

  • New: Auto-numbering sequences feature
  • Added 3 new auto-numbering sequences. There are now 4 different patterns to automatically number new items.

  • Improved: Import items screen
  • Made improvements to add drop-downs for things like category and status that are filtered to match the item type, and removed the requirement to have an item type ID.

  • Improved: Inventory transactions now don’t need a location
  • Previously any company that was going to have inventory transactions needed a designated location for the transaction. We’ve now removed that so you can just attach the transaction directly to the company. Eg: you can record an order of parts directly to McMaster-Carr, instead of having to create an “Orders” location under the company.

  • Improved: Sourcing adding and editing
  • Streamlined creating a new source for an item. Have expanded access to sourcing information so that it can more easily be edited, and have added a view inside the supplier’s company screen that shows all parts that they supply, and the sourcing info can be edited right there, too. Added new field for minimum order quantity.

Minor things:

  • Changes to individual items now automatically refresh through to the main list screen without needing to manually refresh the list
  • Have added State and Country drop-down lists in the address panel for companies
  • Combined some fields in the item’s details screen to clean up how ‘action’ dates are shown
  • Online versions now check for updates at start-up
  • Changed various button captions that referred to “Export” so that they now read “Table View”, and the same button’s icons now look more like a table instead of an Excel icon
  • Can now enable/disable individual item types from inside the configuration set-up
  • Added a function to force a preferred supplier update and cost roll-up across all items
  • Can now add zero or negative quantities when creating a BOM
  • Added unit of measure (UOM) info into child items screen and into BOM tree
  • Approvals are now easier to add people from improved company / department / person filtering
  • Login screen now remembers most recent username logged in. This is an admin-configurable option
  • Version bitness is now visible in the login screen
  • Split the system configuration screen into two screen: one for general System Settings and one for Item Types
  • Minor polishing of some of the Ribbon menu options and icons

Bug fixes:

  • Several small and general bugs taken care of