Version Release Notes

Version is now available as general release individually packaged for subscription customers.

These notes include changes and updates going back to version

Major Things:

Collected several icons in the item detail screen together into a drop-down menu.

The Clone Item, Print Item, and Open Folder buttons are now gone as individual buttons and are pulled into a drop-down menu.

Additionally, if you have admin privileges then you’ll also see an option Change Item Type. Use this if you need to re-classify the item, for example from Part to Finished Good.

Created a summary and list for how many items are Parents, how many are Children, and how many are Orphans.

Use this information to find items that are:

  • Parents (ie: have other items connected beneath them, forming BOM-type relationships); that are
  • Children (ie: are connected underneath other items); and are
  • Orphans (ie: not connected to anything else)

Bear in mind that you will see things like Companies as being Parents perhaps because they have things like People or Purchase Orders connected under them. And also Companies might themselves be Children if they’re assigned under, say, a Project.

Minor Things:

Changed Delete icons from a red ‘X’ to a red trash can.