Version Release Notes

These notes include changes and updates going back to version See the changes for that version here.

New features and improvements in the latest release of Parts Dashboard

Here’s what’s changed

  • Made an alternative main items list that’s a tabular style. It combines in lots more columns than are shown in the justified version, eg: inventory information. You can change between the two different types of main items list with a button in the right side of each screen’s menu bar. You can also change it in a user’s set-up options screen.
  • Added an inventory status value into the Justified version of the main items list, and it’s now color-coded. Now says ‘OK’ in green for applicable items (previously was blank if inventory was good).
  • Items that are marked deleted are now no longer shown in main items lists. The only way to find them is to use advanced search as they’ll show up there.
  • Expanded the Locations detail screen to show any inventory that’s held there. If your company is not using inventory locations then you won’t see these. Locations can now be deleted unless there’s any inventory transactions associated with the location.
  • Added a ‘Manufactures’ tab to the company detail screen. This is in addition to the ‘Supplies’ screen that was already there.
  • Added more features to the Delete Item process.
  • Added Status Date to the Purchase Order details screen. This will show the date/time of the most recent change to the PO’s state.
  • Added Sequence column to the Children tab of an item.
  • Created a guard system so that items cannot be changed to an incompatible item type.
  • Rearranged the user’s preferences screen.
  • New updates can now open the blog page showing info on the update.