Version Release Notes

These notes include changes and updates going back to version

Here’s what’s changed

Major Things:

  • New / improved importers.
  • Revision level in purchase orders.

Minor Things:

  • Some speed improvements.
  • Open folder button in the Files tab.
  • List of items now doesn’t include counts of deleted items.
  • Newly created tags and item types (both accessible only to admins) will have a rank of 0 instead of being blank.
  • Modified the Tags list into the new flexible table style.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed bug where Read Only users could edit the Tabular Editor form.
  • Fixed bug where not having a unit of measurement (UOM) would cause an error message when viewing source details.
  • Fixed bug where the Inventory Totals screen’s refresh button would only remove certain filter settings, and not reset the screen back to all records. Now refresh will display all records.

Running the update

See the quick video here on how to install the update.