Version Release Notes

These notes include changes and updates going back to version

Here’s what’s changed

Major Things

User Interface Improvements

Made the Items Detail screen full-screen and responsive to size changes of the application window. Previously the details were shown in a fixed-size pop-up, which offered less real estate for showing information.

Procurement Order Automation

Added a screen that shows the current inventory position for all items plus additional windows that shows where a selected item is located (could be across multiple locations), what the item makes, and the item’s procurement history. Additionally, the user can select quantities, vendors, and costs right in the same screen and then with one click automatically create all necessary purchase orders.

Find this new screen under the Inventory menu in the ribbon, and then “Order Inventory”.

Inventory Transaction Importer

Added an importer for inventory transactions. You can also use it to perform bulk transactions so long as they’re all of the same type. A great way of importing sales or production data if you have it stored in a spreadsheet or different database.

Find this new screen under the Data Actions menu in the ribbon, and then “Import”, and then “Import Inventory Transactions”.

Minor Things

  • Updated the Items importer to separate the Validation process from the Import process, so now you can validate and correct any errors before running the import. Improved the import performance, and fixed a couple of small bugs.
  • Added inline buttons (eg: Edit, Delete) into lots of forms instead of a general button located in the header of the form.
  • Added “Hide Columns” and “Unhide Columns” options to right-click menus in various tables.
  • Added a text box for Item Type into each item details template form so that it’s clear which item type you are viewing or working on.
  • Added conditional formatting to Procurement Orders By Item form so that POs with open qtys past due are highlighted red.
  • Removed instructions from the top of each importer screen and put them into a pop-up, with a link to open the pop-up.
  • Added progress bar to the messages form that is shown during a cache refresh and a cost rollup.
  • Tidied up the ‘What Makes What’ reports and added a printable report for Finished Products From Input Products.

Bug Fixes

  • A number of smaller bugs fixed here and there, including one where system configuration changes weren’t saving to the server.

Running the update

If you need some help installing the update, see the quick video here.