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Parts Dashboard is the simple and easy solution for keeping track of your precious design, process, and lifecycle information. Parts Dashboard is the clear and concise Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application that allows you to track any information that you want, on any kinds of things that you want (eg: parts, documents, inspections, machining centers, procedures, etc.), and join it all together in relationships so that you can see how things interact with each other.

Have you discovered that spreadsheets are just not cutting it anymore? Parts Dashboard is a simple-to-use replacement that layers on user access controls, always-on cloud availability, and integrated file storage so everything is at your fingertips.

Even with something as simple as a multilevel BOM can be tricky to maintain in a spreadsheet. How do you even format it to easily show the indent levels? Just print off the BOM tree from Parts Dashboard and it’s clear what goes where. Not sure you’ve added up the costs in the spreadsheet correctly? Our built-in calculations that take care of the math for you, rolling up all costs across all BOMs, so you can rest assured that what you’re seeing is the true cost.

And unlike with most SaaS applications where your data is stored in the same tables as everyone else’s data, with Parts Dashboard every customer gets their own separate database so your information is securely compartmentalized.

In this channel we’ll write about a number of different things, from industry news and opinions, to How To’s of the Parts Dashboard software, and even provide quick info on new features and product releases. So stay tuned for more.

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