You Can (Still) Escape Windows 7 For Free

Parts Dashboard platform works seamlessly with Windows 7 and Windows 10

Sure, you will be able to use Windows 7 even after it goes end of life… but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. An unsupported operating system is just waiting to be attacked. Additionally, the foundations of many programs created before Windows 10 could lose functionality with an upgrade from 7 to 10.

We’re now inside a year of doomsday for Windows 7. If you’re still running it then it’s time to consider alternatives, which for most people and businesses will mean Windows 10.

Parts Dashboard works fine on Windows 7, and will continue to work fine after January 14, 2020, but it also works just as well on Windows 10 — so go ahead and think about upgrading.

If you’ve been holding off because the free upgrade offer ran out back in 2016, well, that might not be completely true. It seems you can still upgrade for free, according to Ed Bott over at ZDNet.

“two full years after the free upgrade offer supposedly ended, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and claim a free digital entitlement, without being forced to jump through any hoops.”

Here at Parts Dashboard, we put this to the test today, doing an upgrade in-place on a 4 year old HP ZBook running Win7 Pro (a genuine copy, naturally), and it worked for us. The installer simply asked a few questions about what we wanted to keep, and presto! there was Windows 10 installed and running smoothly on the same license we had before, and no demand nor need to pay for the upgrade. One side benefit is that Windows now boots up much quicker than before.

The process was very simple. We made sure to have everything backed up and also created a system restore drive, then we downloaded the Windows 10 installer from Microsoft.

It was just a matter of following the prompts and waiting a while as everything ran.

So go ahead, don’t let license cost hold you back from upgrading!