Create Companies (Getting Started)

It’s a good idea to at the very least establish your own company when you first start the application. You can create additional companies now, or come back here and create them later. When you create people you’ll be asked to assign them to a company, so that’s a good reason to add them now. However, you can also add new companies when you’re adding new people.

To add a new company, select Companies from the ribbon menu.

Parts Dashboard companies ribbon menu location

You’ll see a list of all the companies that are in your application. You can either double-click on a row to see the details for any company, or select the row and choose the Details button.
To create a new company, select the New button.

At a minimum, enter a name for the company. If this is your company, check the “System Owner” box. (Only check this box for your company.)

The Contact Info and Address tabs can be edited, and the People and Supplying tabs will show who’s associated with the company, and what items the company supplies, respectively. These last two tabs will populate with info as content is created elsewhere in the application.

Parts Dashboard new company main screen