File Storage Vault (Getting Started)

Parts Dashboard can interact with your files, and can create a separate folder for each Item. These files are stored on any drive that you can point to, and are not interfered with in any way by Parts Dashboard, so you can move them around with Windows Explorer just as you normally would.

Parts Dashboard will give you a list of all files it finds for each Item, and you can open the files directly from inside the Item details, or open the folder.

In order to access files through Parts Dashboard, you need to set up 3 things:

1. You need to establish the location of your file vault. This is a single folder under which all other folders will be created & stored, and where all files will live.
You can access this either from the General tab of the System Configuration window, or directly from the Ribbon menu.
From the Ribbon menu, choose More Tools, then Setup, and then Set Vault Location.
Parts Dashboard file vault location
Navigate to the location where you’ll store your files.
Parts Dashboard file vault dialog

2. Each Item type needs to have its individual storage pattern set up. You can have a maximum of 2 levels under each Item Type in which to create folders.
To access this, go to the More Tools option in the Ribbon menu, choose Setup, then System Settings.
Parts Dashboard system settings menu location
Then navigate to the Item Types tab.
Select the Item Type in question.
Scroll down to the Files and Folders section, and configure the storage options.
Parts Dashboard system settings item types tab

3. Every Item for which you want to store files needs to have a unique Item Number (for that Item Type).
Parts Dashboard system settings item types duplicate items numbers