Performing Inventory Transactions (Managing Inventory)

To create an inventory transaction, you need to open the item’s details. From there go to the Inventory tab and follow these steps:

1. Choose the scope of the transaction, either Individual or Build using the BOM.

2. Choose the Transaction Type.

3. Enter the Transaction Date. This will default to the present date and time, so you only need to enter a value here if you want the transaction to be recorded at some other date.

4. Choose the company and location. Depending on what kind of transaction type you chose (single- or double-sided) you will have either just one company drop-down to select from, or you will have a Company From and a Company To to record the flow of material. Additionally, if there are locations established at the chosen company or companies then you will have to select one.

5. Enter the Transaction Quantity.

6. Enter any Transaction Notes you wish to record.

7. Hit the Create button to post the transaction.

Changes in inventory quantity and value will then be reflected in the summary boxes at the top of the form and in the Inventory by Location and Inventory Transaction lists at the bottom of the form. Additionally, values in the summary on the Dashboard will update, and more detail is available through the Inventory Totals and Inventory Transactions forms available in the Ribbon menu.