The Ribbon menu at the top of the Parts Dashboard application’s main window has a number of options. These allow the user to access all actions and windows that are not directly accessible through the main list view. Here’s what the Ribbon looks like:



Expanding the More Tools button shows more options: Import, User Tools, Setup, About, and Exit.

Ribbon's More Tools menu expanded

The Import menu allows you to import Items, Companies, and People. See the section on Importing for more information.


The User Tools menu gives options for accessing the User Settings dialog (which is also accessible from the dashboard via the settings button at upper-right), changing your password, seeing a list of all users who have Admin rights, and ability to change the logged-in user.

The Setup menu gives access to the default inventory transaction types, the system settings, and the location of the file vault folder for storing and accessing files associated with cataloged Items. See individual sections in this guide for more detailed information on how each of these options work.