The Product Lifecycle Management system designed and priced for your business

Track everything as your work evolves

Quickly create and track any type of data your project requires—parts, documents, code libraries, projects, tasks, change notices, materials, customer feedback—if you need it, you can make and track it.

Logical information workflow

With Parts Dashboard, your project data and files stay organized with relationships you create—whatever makes sense for your project, so you can clarify and communicate your work.

Know how all the parts fit together

Make BOMs for your parts and operations, and link in any related project documentation, inspections, or tasks.

Keep all your files in one secure place

Easily find and edit all of your project and design files from a single, intuitive interface. Store everything in the cloud with our industry standard security, on your own secure server, or use any of the leading cloud providers.

Avoid unnecessary costs and constraints

Parts Dashboard is free to try out and and easy to work with. There are no complex portals and files are not hidden away or inaccessibly vaulted—everything stays in your usual folder structure.

Digital thread

Trace the lifecycle of your products


If you have basic needs for inventory management then we have you covered. Record material movements to and from outside vendors and inside your factory locations, and automatically consume components as you build product.

Cost accounting for materials, labor, and operations

Backflush costs as you build inventory. We use the LIFO method for cost tracking, which is ideal for manufacturing operations where replacement costs best represent the costs of your goods.


Why pay for more complex systems than you really need? PD gives you the simple approach that means everyone will use it.

Simple to use

Our online training instructions and videos guide you through setting up and using the system.

Use your existing workflows & documentation

No complex business processes to re-engineer just to work with the software. PD has the flexibility to let you do what you do best, and use your existing systems and processes

File Storage

Use the file storage that you already have, like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Keybase, etc. Or we can offer cloud file hosting for you. Parts Dashboard has no knowledge of your files nor do we interfere with how you host them.

Confused by the three-letter acronym soup surrounding engineering and manufacturing? Not sure if you need PLM, PDM, CRM, ERP, MRP, MDM, ALM, or just something better than a spreadsheet to manage your BOMs?

Simplicity = Efficiency

Parts Dashboard solves information management challenges for small to medium-sized design, manufacturing, and engineering services companies. You focus on what you do best, and we provide the backbone to ensure all of your proprietary information is secure, organized, and easily accessible.

The value we can add to your organization

Knowledge Transfer

By having a project's design, BOM, and inventory information cataloged systematically, it is easily accessible to members of the team, adding accountability and data integrity

Reduced Risk

All information is stored in a Microsoft Azure cloud database it is always accessible, backed up, and secure

Information Quality

We have designed a highly structured information storage system to ensure the security and reliability of data within the system

Operational Excellence

By being able to better track projects equipment needs, costs, status, and location, our clients are better able to respond quickly and effectively to the ever-changing needs of their customers


We bring a wealth of engineering product design and manufacturing experience to help address our client’s needs and have an extensive network of resources available to handle any objective


We are here for you. Our team is able to manage any need, be it initial, or through a transition within your organization. We can quickly act to address your needs as your business grows