Version Release Notes

These notes include changes and updates going back to version

Here’s what’s changed

Major Things:

  • Speed improvements in the startup sequence.
  • Added more data to the dashboard’s Inventory Snapshot:

    • there’s 3 new rows, ‘Items with OK inventory’, ‘Archived items with inventory’, and ‘Archived inventory total value’
    • separated archived items from the other rows and now have them being reported separately

  • Created new Saleable Item template with a field to input price.
  • Added Item Price column to large-format table views.
  • Changed terminology from ‘Deleted’ to ‘Archived’ on all items. Originally this was intended to be used as a ‘delete flag’ that would cause these items so marked to me removed from views and be unavailable for additional actions. But since then we’ve also built out a full, hard delete process for items. This newer process means an item can be irrevocably removed from the system, and the user can choose which of their dependent items or references gets deleted as well. Consequently this delete flag is now more appropriately viewed as an archiving function, hence the name change.

Minor Things:

  • Changed the logo to match the new company branding.
  • Removed the menu option to change users while keeping the app open. Now to log in as a different user you must close the app and reopen it.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed bug where new person record would get a write conflict if the record was changed but not saved before the user profile was edited.
  • Fixed bug in add new inventory transaction screen where when doing a Build with BOM and you changed the company, it would not update the ‘Location To’.
  • Removed the requirement for there to be an Item Number in the row source for the Parent and Child item number field dropdowns. Reason is that it prevents things that don’t have item numbers (like companies or people) from being accessible here.
  • Fixed bug in the create new inventory transaction form, where when using New Stock Count transaction type it would error if there was no existing count for the item.
  • Modified the Dashboard screen to stop it erroring with the screen is wider than 22″.
  • Added currency formatting to Approved Vendor Cost column in Mass Sources Edit screen.

Running the update

See the quick video here on how to install the update.