Version Release Notes

These notes include changes and updates going back to version

Here’s what’s changed

Major Things:

  • Added context-sensitive right-click shortcut menus to lots of screens.
  • Made the new Procurement Orders By Item screen.
  • Created new Costed Project template that combines elements from projects (like due and anticipated dates, and priority) with costing (like price, cost, margin, supplier, etc.).
  • Made a process to quickly copy an item and then serialize it to a new number. Similar to the original copy item process (which is now called ‘Advanced Item Copy’ but with fewer options so as to make the process easier.
  • Added a new tab to the Company details template to show inventory on order at or held by the company.
  • Rebuilt the BOM version history screen to give more information and options.

Minor Things:

  • Added show / hide password button to the login screen.
  • Added an hourglass in the dashboard when the app is first opened after an update and the cache is refreshing before the app can be used.
  • Added code to put a message in the status bar when the app is refreshing.
  • Tweaked the Dashboard to adjust where the user name and setting button sit when the screen is being resized.
  • Improved the filter in the Inventory Totals screen where, when seeing locations is selected, non-zero inventory for external companies will be shown. This effectively shows anyinventory that is on order from a supplier.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed bug where right-click menu in reports wasn’t showing in some instances.

Running the update

See the quick video here on how to install the update.