Version Release Notes

These notes include changes and updates going back to version

Here’s what’s changed

Minor Things:

  • Now displayed the caching message screen on startup so that the user knows the cache operation is underway, which explains why the app is slow to respond.
  • Made the BOM tree view window remember if it was last opened shrunk or expanded, and will open that same way again next time.
  • Changed the appearance of various tables so that the borders match the main list forms.
  • Made the create new item forms non-modal, meaning you can interact with the rest of the application when you are creating a new item. Previously you were locked to only the create new item form.
  • Improved the Inventoried Items tabluar screen with added columns.
  • Improved duplicate checking on item numbers to eliminate collisions when multiple people create a new item at the same time.
  • Updated text in the Purchase Order flow from ‘Vendor’ to ‘Supplier’.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug to stop companies and people spuriously getitng duplicated in rare circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where the main items list screen would allow all items to be copied, when in fact only certain item types can be copied.
  • Fixed a bug where the tabular main items list would not selectively enable or disable the open folder button.
  • Fixed bug where erroneous error messages occur after an item is successfully deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where an item’s inventory status would not update correctly when the minimum on hand amount was changed.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the default items list style could cause a write conflict for the active user.

Running the update

See the quick video here on how to install the update.